Welcome to the Peer Leader Community!

The purpose of this website is to unify, establish and promote the Peer Leader Community as one entity under a central campus resource directory. The Peer Leader Community is the central hub for all things peer leadership at York University. Here, you will find information about peer leader programs and training, how to get involved, and resources on how to build leadership, community and York pride!

Peer leaders play an integral role in supporting students’ academic, co-curricular and transitional success across campus.

Peer Leaders’ Role

Peer leaders play a vital role in impacting community and supporting student success. At York University, a peer leader is any student who holds a role in supporting other students. This includes but is not limited to peer mentors, peer Health Educators, RED Zone Ambassadors, Learning Skills Peers and student government. Peer leaders use their experiences and training to advocate, advise, refer, recognize, listen, empathize, educate, listen, connect, refer and more! A peer leader’s responsibilities on campus vary by position, however, what unifies our peer leader community is the shared impact in student retention and engagement, as well as building an awareness of available resources on campus. For this reason, building the capacity to care for students in the delivery of peer supports remains a priority for York University.

Peer leaders:

  • Collaborate with other student leaders, staff and faculty to promote an inclusive campus community and support student success.
  • Assist in organizing and delivering Orientation programs for students transitioning into university, as well as continuing student success programs.
  • Serve as role models and mentors to peers, while promoting student engagement, development and success during transitional, middle and upper years.
  • Serve as a resource while providing opportunities for students to reflect on academic and co-curricular experiences.
  • Represent York University’s commitment to cultivating collaborative and socially responsible values of leadership for social change.