PLT 2016

The Peer Leadership Training (PLT) Conference is the first step for every peer leader on campus to be successful!

It is specifically designed for students in peer leadership positions to gain knowledge on core training topics to help them perform their best throughout the year while networking with other peer leaders and professional staff across the university.  As an added bonus, your attendance at PLT will be added to your Co-Curricular Record!

Below are the session that were offered at PLT 2016:

Keynote: Layth Gafoor

The Leader Within - Preparing for the Experience

In this session, students will begin by identifying significant past experiences and milestones and reflect on the role they play in creating a future as an effective peer leader. Then, through a series of reflective activities, students will identify a personal mission statement for their role as a peer leader. This session is based on the assumption that leadership is purposeful, relational and process-oriented and that it can be nurtured through cycles of authentic self-awareness and meaningful action.

The Big Picture - Self Care

GPS for Helping Relationships