PLT 2017

The Peer Leadership Training (PLT) Conference is the first step for every peer leader on campus to be successful!

It is specifically designed for students in peer leadership positions to gain knowledge on core training topics to help them perform their best throughout the year while networking with other peer leaders and professional staff across the university.  As an added bonus, your attendance at PLT will be added to your Co-Curricular Record!

Date:  April 28th, 2017
Time: 8:30am to 3:30pm
Location: Accolade West Building, Room 109. Keele Campus
How to register:  PLT is open to positional student leaders/staff/volunteers. Registration is done through program’s supervisor/coordinator.  If you would like to register your students for PLT, please contact Urshian Khalid at

Cost: $20/person

PLT 2017 was a success! Read more about the event here.

Below are some of the exciting sessions that were offered at the PLT Conference 2017.

Keynote: Self-Care

Self‐care is so widely used and its definition so loose, that it has begun to lose its meaning. The phrase, “Sorry, I need self‐care time,” has become an unchallenged get‐out‐of‐responsibilities free card. This workshop takes a stab at redefining self‐care as a function of habit and not a momentary escape. It outlines the importance of resilience and provides tools and strategies to get your team on the same page. If you are struggling to practice self‐care on a daily bases and often find yourself feeling burnt out, this session is what you need to challenge the way you think! – Maseh Hadaf, 3rd Year Global Health Student

The Leader Within - Preparing for the Experience

In this session, students will begin by identifying significant past experiences and milestones and reflect on the role they play in creating a future as an effective peer leader. Then, through a series of reflective activities, students will identify a personal mission statement for their role as a peer leader. This session is based on the assumption that leadership is purposeful, relational and process-oriented and that it can be nurtured through cycles of authentic self-awareness and meaningful action. – Sandra Yu, Job Search Advisor & Resource Coordinator, Career Center

T.A.L.K it Out

TALK It Out provides participants with information about some issues students face while attending university, while also providing space for personal reflection. The training will help to bring awareness to some of the health issues that York students face. Participants will also learn steps they can take to support someone that they believe is in distress, as well as the different resources available to students (on and off-campus). They will learn about different warning signs they might notice, questions they can ask to gather information and assess risk, active listening skills and how to connect the individual in with those who can help further. Participants will also learn about the importance of their own self-care and how to ensure their well-being is in a good place to be able to help others. This session is extremely interactive and allows for participants to share their own knowledge and experiences with the group. – <i>Steph Francis, Health Education Coordinator, Student Success Center </i>

Mastering Your Role - #morelife

This session is all about #morelife and is centered on leveraging greater agency in implementing change whether that is in attitude or operationally in your role. Returning student leaders will learn how to enrich their personal resources, fuel their new ideas and find greater peer to peer collaborations. They will also focus on building your professionalism and enriching your vision as you continue to grow at York.
This session is highly recommended for returning/senior peer leaders. – Shaila Khan, Student Transition Coordinator, Student Success Centre

Difficult Conversations

Have you ever worked on a council event or project where one or more of your peers just aren’t pulling their weight? How did you approach the situation? What did that conversation look like? “Difficult conversations” is a session that will help you in preparing for and approaching conversations that may be uncomfortable or awkward. It focuses on how to best approach conversations that you may need to have with peers you are working with. ‐ Olivia Sinopoli, York Orientation Directors Association Chair & Angelica Grospe, York Orientation Learning Coordinator

Time Management for Peer Leaders

If you’re wondering where the time goes and having trouble balancing school, work and life, then this session is for you. The workshop is designed to help you learn practical, personalized approaches to effectively managing your time. The importance of balance for maintaining your overall health, well-being, and productivity will be a key theme running throughout the session. – Mona Frial-Brown &amp; Cathy Boyd-Withers, Learning Skills Specialists, Learning Skills Services

Quantifying Your Experience

Quantifying your experience is a great opportunity for returning student leaders to actively engage in their past experiences and help them to build a portfolio for the future. In this session peers will be asked to identify some skills they have acquired through their experiences and translate them into “power statements”. ‐ Inês Van Deuren, York University Alumna

Lead With Integrity

Learn a little bit about the social change model of leadership and be faced with some difficult moral scenarios. This session will force you tobe introspective and look at how you would react in obscure scenarios. – Ashley Estwick, York University Alumna

Ways to Support Transgender and Gender Non‐Conforming Students

This workshop will address what it means to be transgender and GNC, the necessity of a culture shift in the workplace when it comes to using pronouns and how we can all become allies to transgender and GNC peer leaders, student staff and our fellow students‐ Presley Diaz, York Student, Leadership Assistant, Student Success Centre

What are your Bulletpoints?

We are often so caught up in the status quo of the positions we hold, that what has been done in the year prior is exactly what repeats this year. This workshop aims to show you the true potential of your position and the influence that you can have not only in your community, but in the York community as a whole. This workshop navigates how to address the status quo, and work with both peers, &amp; the administration to better the experience of our students. – Sebastien Lalonde, President of Winters College Council

Time Management for Peer Leaders

If you’re often wondering where the time goes and if you’re having trouble balancing school, work, and life‐this session is for you. This workshop will help you learn practical, personalized approaches to managing your time that will work for you. The importance of balance, for maintaining health, well‐being, and effective use of time, will also be discussed throughout the session. ‐ Mona Frial‐Brown & Cathy Boyd‐Withers, Learning Skills Specialists, Learning Skills Services

Indigenous Cultural Awareness – Significance of the Territorial Land Acknowledgement

You’ve probably been to campus events or conference sessions at which the host or speaker provides a Territorial Land Acknowledgement. But why do we do it? What’s the significance of the elements of the Land Acknowledgement? It’s not just something to be said and then set aside. Come to an interactive session led by Randy Pitawanakwat from Centre for Aboriginal Student Services that will uncover the meanings behind the elements of the Land Acknowledgement and get you started on a journey of discovery about Indigenous Cultural Awareness. <i>-Randy Pitawanakwat, Coordinator, Aboriginal Student Services </i>

Financial Literacy for Student Governments

Financial setup is a closed session for the Presidents and Financial Officers of student governments. It is geared towards education around levy processes and introducing them to the world of finances within York University. – <em>Charmaine Mohammad, Administrative and Budget Coordinator, Student Success Centre</em>

Self‐Reflection for Peer Leaders

This workshop will address the meaning of self‐awareness and the role it can play in developing listening skills, empathy, and the capacity to draw healthy boundaries. Participants will have an opportunity to learn about different approaches to self‐awareness, will be provided with tools for harnessing self‐awareness in their work as peer leaders, will engage in discussion around real life examples modeled by current
peer leaders, and will practice hands‐on exercises to hone these skills. ‐ Reesa Grushka, Counsellor/ Educator, Mental Health and Disabilities Services

Digital Literacy and Leadership – Being an Informed and Responsible Digital Citizen

Everything we say and do online is a reflection of who we are and our lives outside the Internet. In this presentation/workshop, participants will reflect upon their online identity, how they behave online, and begin to think about strategies for designing, improving and maintaining their own, personal brand. ‐ Mike Kasaboski, Student Engagement & Media Coordinator, Student Success Centre