PLT 2018

Peer Leader Training 2018: Unite, Engage, Ignite!

The Peer Leadership Training (PLT) Conference is the first step for every peer leader on campus to be successful! This year’s theme is Unite, Engage, Ignite.

It is specifically designed for students in peer leadership positions to gain knowledge on core training topics to help them perform their best throughout the year while networking with other peer leaders and professional staff across the university.  As an added bonus, your attendance at PLT will be added to your Co-Curricular Record!

Date: Thursday, April 26th, 2018
Time: 8:30am to 3:30pm
Location: Accolade West Building, Room 109. Keele Campus
How to register:  PLT is open to positional student leaders/staff/volunteers. Registration is done through program’s supervisor/coordinator.  If you would like to register your students for PLT, please contact Urshian Khalid at

Cost: $20/person

Registration is now closed.

PLT 2018 was a success! Read more about the event here.

Below are some of the exciting sessions that were offered at the PLT Conference 2018.

Keynote: The Power of Perspective

Have you ever had trouble understanding someone or being understood, even when you’re speaking the same language? In this keynote you will gain some insight into the complexities of communicating across perspectives, cultures and facets of diversity. Real life examples will be shared along with some experiential elements. Participants will gain greater awareness of their own perspectives and some approaches for being even more effective in leading and helping others.– Brendan Schulz, Executive Director, Student Success

The Leader Within - Preparing for the Experience

In this session, students will begin by identifying significant past experiences and milestones and reflect on the role they play in creating a future as an effective peer leader. Then, through a series of reflective activities, students will identify a personal mission statement for their role as a peer leader. This session is based on the assumption that leadership is purposeful, relational and process-oriented and that it can be nurtured through cycles of authentic self-awareness and meaningful action.

T.A.L.K it Out

TALK It Out provides participants with information about some issues students face while attending university, while also providing space for personal reflection. The training will help to bring awareness to some of the health issues that York students face. Participants will also learn steps they can take to support someone that they believe is in distress, as well as the different resources available to students (on and off-campus). They will learn about different warning signs they might notice, questions they can ask to gather information and assess risk, active listening skills and how to connect the individual in with those who can help further. Participants will also learn about the importance of their own self-care and how to ensure their well-being is in a good place to be able to help others. This session is extremely interactive and allows for participants to share their own knowledge and experiences with the group. – Emerald Bandoles, Project Assistant, Health Eduation & Promotion & Yasmin Dini, Peer Health Educator 

Mastering Your Role As A Student Leader- Movement & Sensory-Based Practices for Burn Out & Better Boundaries

This session is all about self-care as a professional skill, & its importance in our ability to keep our promises, effectively handle changes, requests, or manage situations as they arise. Through this workshop, student leaders will learn about their own stress-responses beyond the conventional ideas of mindfulness or self-care. Through demos and various types of sensory-based mindful & grounding practices, leaders will utilize new tools in times of burn-out & overwhelm to create better boundaries. Be prepared to move in this session. Movement is accessible. – Shaila Khan, Student Transition Coordinator, Student Success Centre

Leading with Integrity

TBA – Ashley Estwick, York University Alumna

Time Management for Peer Leaders

If you’re wondering where the time goes and having trouble balancing school, work and life, then this session is for you. The workshop is designed to help you learn practical, personalized approaches to effectively managing your time. The importance of balance for maintaining your overall health, well-being, and productivity will be a key theme running throughout the session. – Mona Frial-Brown & Cathy Boyd-Withers, Learning Skills Specialists, Learning Skills Services

Embracing the Journey of Leadership

Many student leaders feel like they’ve “made it” once they’ve secured a position as a leader on campus. But the truth is that leadership is not a destination, or something to be attained — it is a journey filled with highs and lows, challenges and lessons, and most of all, uncertainty. It is crucial to embrace this journey in order to truly grow, both professionally and personally. This session will focus on how to embrace the learning process of leadership. In this workshop we will discuss the necessity of failure for growth, facing challenges with love and acceptance, embracing uncertainty, and the importance of receiving empathy. – Abbie Mauno, Residence Don

Befriending Your Inner Critic – A Building block to Supporting & Leading

Transitions are a part of the human experience and at times we feel uneasy of the uncertainty of what’s to come. Whether it be: graduating, getting a new job, entering a new school year, entering (or leaving) a relationship. The only constant in our lives is change. So, how do we find our way through change and how can we support others to do the same? Through this workshop, the audience will learn the importance of self-compassion in moments of transitions. In addition, the audience will be equipped to practice self-compassion through guided activities -Emerald Bandoles, Project Assistant, Health Eduation & Promotion

Productivity Hacks for Student Leaders

In this session, Greg will lead participants through a variety of activities and teach a number of hacks which he has found incredibly useful in enhancing his productivity. Through this session, you will be able to identify the mindset associated with productivity, have participated in a first-hand simulation designed to illustrate your ability to complete the same task within a varying time frame. – Greg Langstaff, YU START Coordinator & Ross McMillan, Director, Student Engagement & First Year Experience

What are your Bulletpoints?

We are often so caught up in the status quo of the positions we hold, that what has been done in the year prior is exactly what repeats this year. This workshop aims to show you the true potential of your position and the influence that you can have not only in your community, but in the York community as a whole. This workshop navigates how to address the status quo, and work with both peers, & the administration to better the experience of our students. – Sebastien Lalonde, President of Winters College Council

Emotional Intelligence for Leadership

Emotions are a vital part of our everyday lives as they influence our thoughts and behaviors, in turn, shaping our intrapersonal & interpersonal interactions. As such, emotional intelligence is vital for student leaders to have a strong hold of when interacting with others. This workshop serves to examine how we may begin to use our emotions in a way that is both productive to our roles, and helpful in living a more emotionally intelligent life. –Ilia Azari, Calumet & Stong College Mentor & Hammad Saif, Peer Mentor 

Indigenous Cultural Awareness – Significance of the Territorial Land Acknowledgement

You’ve probably been to campus events or conference sessions at which the host or speaker provides a Territorial Land Acknowledgement. But why do we do it? What’s the significance of the elements of the Land Acknowledgement? It’s not just something to be said and then set aside. Come to an interactive session led by Randy Pitawanakwat from Centre for Aboriginal Student Services that will uncover the meanings behind the elements of the Land Acknowledgement and get you started on a journey of discovery about Indigenous Cultural Awareness. -Randy Pitawanakwat, Coordinator, Aboriginal Student Services 

Financial Literacy for Student Governments

Financial setup is a closed session for the Presidents and Financial Officers of student governments. It is geared towards education around levy processes and introducing them to the world of finances within York University. – Charmaine Mohammad, Administrative and Budget Coordinator, Student Success Centre

Mental Health Awareness for International Students

This session aims to engage and involve international students from various cultures to de-stigmatize mental health and well-being and provide a progressive space that nurtures leadership and development. Through this presentation, attendees will gain a toolbox of ways to help support students, both international and domestic, with mental health. Attendees will walk away being able to identify mental health concerns with international students, and how we might begin to understand cultural differences and international student need. –Prince Barpaga, International Student Assistant, York International & Tremayne Blackman, Don 

Win As Much As You Can

In this session, experience the power of teamwork, trust and effective communication through an energizing and interactive exercise! No note taking will be required, just come ready to have fun!” -Saba Rafiq, Project Coordinator, Student Success