Why Become a Peer Leader?

  • Do you want to learn and build leadership skills, expand your network, and help other students?
  • Do you wish to foster personal and professional growth in both yourself, and your peers to contribute to the culture of positive social change and dialogue on campus?

Being a Peer Leader on campus is a wonderful way to develop rich personal and professional leadership skills, including initiative, passion and enthusiasm. Many employers, graduate and professional schools will look towards the experiences you have gained through your extra-curricular involvement when deciding your fit for a position, or admittance to a program.

Working in partnership with your Peer Leader position, York University’s Becoming YU program will serve instrumental in supporting you with recognizing the value of your experiences, identifying the leadership and career competencies you will gain through these experiences, and in confidently articulating your skills for future job or further education opportunities.

Being a Peer Leader on campus will provide you with the opportunity to be trained on various professional development skills, including public speaking, interpersonal relations, diversity and inclusion, professionalism, crisis management, conflict mediation and event management. Training is provided to each peer upon being hired, and throughout their role as student-staff on a variety of role-specific topics.

As a Peer Leader, you will have the opportunity to connect with an extensive network of new and returning students and professional staff from various backgrounds, departments and faculties. Not only will you make a positive impact on the York community, but you will also be investing in yourself as a leader.

How to Become a Peer Leader

  • Check out the Peer Leader Program Directory tab for a categorized list of programs , and links on where to find more information. Positions are consistently being updated on the Career Centre’s website looking to fill student leadership positions. Find more information about on-campus positions here.

  • Looking to work on campus while you complete your degree? Find more information here.
  • Are you an International Student? Visit York International for information about working in Canada.
  • Contact College Head Faculty Members, and speak with faculty and peers to ask about upcoming leadership positions.
  • Visit the college you are affiliated with and inquire with the Head’s Office if they are hiring students to fill positions.