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Who We Are  


The Peer Leader Community was established by the Peer Leader Community of Practice (PLCoP), which brings offices, faculties and departments from across campus together to assist in the enhancement of the peer leader experience.

Peer leaders play a vital role in impacting community and supporting student success. At York University, a peer leader is any student who holds a role in supporting other students. This includes but is not limited to peer mentors, peer Health Educators, RED Zone Ambassadors, Learning Skills Peers and student government. Peer leaders use their experiences and training to advocate, advise, refer, recognize, listen, empathize, educate, listen, connect, refer and more! A peer leader’s responsibilities on campus vary by position, however, what unifies our peer leader community is the shared impact in student retention and engagement, as well as building an awareness of available resources on campus. For this reason, building the capacity to care for students in the delivery of peer supports remains a priority for York University.


The development of leadership skills and career readiness, along with student community engagement remains a priority for York University. Students’ experiences as peer leaders can serve as rich learning and development opportunities to build skills, knowledge and meaningful connections that can move them forward in their personal, academic, and career journeys. To continue this commitment to student success, peer leaders will engage in Becoming YU, a leadership development and career readiness program as a part of their roles, with the support of their program coordinators through out the year.

“Becoming YU supports students in creating meaningful goals and objectives, recognizing the value of their experiences, identifying the leadership and career competencies they gain through these experiences and confidently articulating their skills and experiences, whether it’s for a future job or further education opportunity.” -Becoming YU

How to Get Involved

  • Search the Peer Leader Community Directory to find a program that appeals to you.
  • Become a Peer Leader, develop your confidence and leadership capacity in your area of interest.
  • Prepare for a rich and meaningful career as a result of your experiences at York with the support of your program coordinator and Becoming YU.
  • Find information on York’s annual Peer Leader Training (PLT) Conference.
  • Share best practices, training resources and student leader programing with peers across campus who mentor student leaders.
  • PLCoP consists of interdisciplinary perspectives and approaches on the student leader experience and how to best provide for these individuals.
  • Visit the Staff tab for more information on how to join the PLCoP, and to find resources on many different areas of student development, and how to help improve the experience of peer leaders at York University.

Access the Peer Leader Program Directory for a categorized list of programs across campus.